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Jaxx is looking for a cook and lighting techs, email jaxxwebmaster@cox.net with your phone number, what job you are looking for and maybe a bit about yourself and someone will contact you.

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Thank you to all the Fans of Jaxx,

We beat out the likes of Madison Square Garden, Budokan, CBGB's etc.


New !!! as of 3-6-08
We request that ALL patrons of Jaxx have some sort of picture ID, no matter what age you are. This is for your safety, for example, in case of illness and you are not able to speak we know who you are and can contact someone on your behalf. For minors this can be a State issued personal ID card or a school ID etc. Of course if you are over 21 and want to drink or be in the drinking area you will need a Driver's License or some other valid proof of age.


Review of the My Revolutions/Apex Booking Battle of the Bands on 2-9-08 by Journalist Heather Gioia.


Latest in the  Gallery  - Drowning Pool, The Exies, ChthoniC, Ratt, Lillian Axe, Katatonia, Great White, Roadducks, Black Light Burns


LA Guns pics in The Gallery (12-14)


Dope-Bobaflex-The Autumn Offering pics in The Gallery (11-10)


Lizzy Borden pics at The Metal Minute (10-31)


Ligion pics in The Gallery (9-29)




BrainGell Radio


Reviews and Pictures courtesy of BrainGell Radio - older shows on reviews page - here


Exodus (Feb 2nd) - Review & Pics

Chimaira - Kataklysm (Dec 15th) - Review & Pics

Possessed (Nov 24th) - Review & Pics

Hanzel und Gretyl (Nov 17th) - Review & Pics

Suffocation-Immolation-Skinless (Nov 14th) - Review & Pics

Prong (Oct 25th) - Review & Pics


Mikael �kerfeldt of Opeth at Jaxx Nov '05


King Diamond at Jaxx April '05


Chuck Billy of Testament at Jaxx June '05


Mikael Stanne & Dark Tranquillity

Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity at Jaxx Sept '02


Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker at Jaxx Sept '04


Bret Michaels at Jaxx October '06


Angela Gossow of 

Arch Enemy at Jaxx

October '06


Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth of  Overkill at Jaxx April '05


Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society at Jaxx April '05


Peter Dolving of

The Haunted at Jaxx March '07





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City Sleeps

Friday August 1st




Wednesday September 3rd


Threat Signal

Wednesday September 24th



Thursday September 18th


Powerman 5000


Sunday February 8th, 2009


Amon Amarth

Tuesday October 21st


Tuesday October 21st



Tuesday October 21st


The Absence

Tuesday October 21st

PIG Productions Present:


Saturday September 13th

Naked Beggars

Friday July 25th Late


Friday October 31st


Friday October 31st

Gorgeous Frankenstein

Friday August 15th

Bella Morte

Friday August 15th

Carnal Forge

Sunday October 26th

Steel Attack

Sunday October 26th

Brand New Sin

Thursday October 23rd

Metal Church

Saturday August 9th

Rotting Christ

Wednesday January 7, 2009

Novembers Doom

Wednesday January 7, 2009


Wednesday January 7, 2009


Bullet Boys

Saturday August 2nd



Uli Jon Roth


Thursday October 9th


Kings X


Saturday July 26th


Sonata Arctica

Thursday August 28th



Wednesday 13


Tuesday, July 15th



Friday, August 22nd




Friday, September 12th





Saturday, September 6th



L.A. Guns

Saturday, July 19th


Faster Pussycat

Saturday, July 19th


Bang Tango


Saturday, July 19th




Keith Caputo

(Lead singer from Life of Agony)


Wednesday, August 6th



Sunday, September 28th


Leaves Eyes

Sunday, September 28th



Sunday, September 28th


Virgin Black

Sunday, September 28th


Jon Oliva's PAIN


Friday, October 10th


Over Kill

Friday, October 17th




Thursday, October 16th



Thursday, October 16th


Metal News


THROWDOWN: Singing With MAX CAVALERA And Destroying South America

Frontman Dave Peters of the Orange County, California-based hardcore/metal act THROWDOWN has issued the following update:   "Singing with Max Cavalera and SOULFLY� destroying South America... and actually they happened completely independently of each other in spite of the fact that Mr. Cavalera hails from a town only a couple hours from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where we just ended our South American run with our friends in IT DIES TODAY.
"About a week or two ago we went a few amazing places where it is actually still summer (must be nice), including Argentina, Chile and Brazil, but before that, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the legendary Max Cavalera on a ridiculously brutal and thrashy song that will be appearing on the upcoming SOULFLY record in 2008.
"Some of you might have read the Revolver 'Rebel Meets Rebel' with Max and I, which was a dream come true in itself, and if you did you might have read an official invite to sing on the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY record that he and his brother Igor had planned after about a decade of doing their own and separate endeavors. Well, schedules did not permit the aforementioned, however, Max and Co flew me out to Orlando recently to be a part of an incredible collection of songs that I had the pleasure of previewing while in the studio, and... well... what can I say... the experience was completely surreal.
"What I thought would be an hour or so of getting the right take on a few pre-written lines ended up being a full day of writing the lyrics and vocal patterns alongside one of my heroes of metal and getting some amazing stories out of him during the downtime.

"Can't say I'll ever forget that or top that one, but maybe we can fool Max into stumbling into a THROWDOWN session one of these days and give it a shot.
"I'll say that I feel pretty damn lucky to have done that and then jumped on another plane a few days later and head down to South America for some killer shows.  "It was our first experience in Argentina and Chile and our second in Brazil and it was all a fuckin blast. Just want to say thanks to everyone that came out to the shows in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Sao Paulo and made us and the IT DIES TODAYers feel real at home.   "We rolled a hell of a lot into those six or seven days across three countries, most of which I was too exhausted at the end of it all to recollect accurately, but here are some highlights. Photos to come soon...
* Andy Williams of EVERY TIME I DIE being present, bearded and amazing for the course of the entire tour
* Meeting Snoop Dogg in the airport, having him crip walk up to the ticketing counter and give TD a 'sup nod'
* Benstopping a purse robbery, and in the course of doing so, actually robbing the robber of his own backpack. Unfortunately, all dude had was a couple schoolbooks and 30 condoms. At least he's an educated and health conscious lowlife, right?
* Brutal concert dog that ate more Ruffles than I've ever seen and snarled every time you put your hand above her head to pet her
* Eating more meat than we ever could have dreamed. The manager of the Brazilian BBQ restaurant actually cut Andy off at one point, which is awesome considering it was all you can eat.
"Thanks again to South America and the legendary Max Cavalera for the good times, and Happy Holidays to y'all."
THROWDOWN's video for the song "Holy Roller", which was directed by Andy Reale, can be viewed below.

According to a press release, the video is full of performance footage combined with images of snakes and torture, and the band was pleased with Reale's interpretation of the song. Vocalist Dave Peters says, "Andy did an exceptional job of reading in between the lines of the lyrics and meaning of the song and translating it into visuals centered around a really imaginative storyline. 'Holy Roller', in particular, is a song that we don't want taken for face value, so it was very important to us that the images for it were just as accurate as they were powerful. The song speaks to the nature of hypocrites and their proclivity toward punishing the rest of the world for their own skeletons and insecurities. It's a hostile song with a lot of energy; Andy's shots and editing lended itself real well to that." Drummer Ben Dussault added, "Even though snakes are pretty clich� right now... they just look so brutal in the right video! PS. no animals/insects/critters were harmed during this process, just band dudes! Enjoy."
The track comes off the group's latest album, "Venom & Tears", which was released on August 7 via Trustkill. The CD was produced by Mudrock, who has done seminal work with such bands as AVENGED SEVENFOLD and CHIMAIRA.
THROWDOWN bassist Matt Mentley previously stated about "Venom & Tears", "This album was a lot more collective in the writing. The new songs really stretched my abilities as a player rather than falling back on same progressions we already did in previous albums. However the songs are a blast to play and will be amazing in our live set." Vocalist Dave Peters added, "We kinda went back to our roots as far as what got us into playing music, rather than sticking to what got us into hardcore. When I saw my first hardcore band live in 1992 I remember thinking, 'Whoa, this is like PANTERA without the guitar solos.' We weren't trying to consciously add metal or other elements into our songs. When we wrote 'Haymaker' (2003) that's about as bare bones and raw as it gets. Add four years later of playing and touring together to that and we've developed quite a ways with influences, execution, and fuck it, we'll play a solo if we want to too."


Throwdown - "Holy Roller" from 2007's "Venom & Tears" (12-25)


Best Music of 2007?  ..... Heavy Metal Stars Make Their Picks

Rob Halford, Steve Vai, Mike Patton, Rudolf Schenker and 63 other Heavy Metal Stars that picked their favorites of 2007!

 Imhotep presents - 63 Musician's Best Of 2007 (12-22)


DEVILDRIVER: New Video Interview Available

Buckshot, of the newest social networking web site called Woozyfly.com, conducted an interview with DEVILDRIVER when the band was in New York City playing at the Hammerstein Ballroom with LAMB OF GOD.  Watch the footage at Buckshot's Bonanza.   DEVILDRIVER's third album, "The Last Kind Words", sold a little more than 14,000 copies during its first week of release to debut at No. 48 on The Billboard 200 chart. This figure represented around a 40 percent increase over the opening-week number of 2005's "The Fury of Our Maker's Hand", which premiered at No. 177 with sales of 10,400.


DevilDriver - "Hold Back The Day" - (from 2005's "The Fury of Our Maker's Hand") (12-18)


Odin's Court is a band that blends dynamics, ambience, energy, groove, crunch, complexity, and a "song" oriented mindset in an imaginative way, creating a lively and interesting sound. Odin's Court hails from Maryland, USA.


Lexington Park, Maryland-based progressive rock/metal band ODIN'S COURT has been rejoined by guitarist Rick Pierpont.

Commented ODIN'S COURT guitarist/vocalist Matt Brookins: "When Rick left us, things felt incomplete. ODIN'S COURT is a band that promotes friendship, and over the years we've grown to be a close family. Although we had some strong candidates who were both musically gifted and great people, when Rick approached us about returning, we discussed it and could not say 'no.' ODIN'S COURT is complete once again."  Rick had this to say about rejoining ODIN'S COURT: "I always knew we had a special camaraderie, but after a couple of months away from them, I realized how much I missed them. Then when I heard the mostly final mix of the 'Deathanity', I was BLOWN AWAY at the music we had created together! Between Matt's unique but SOLID vocal delivery, the two songs with guest vocals, the many layers of vocals, the solid playing, the overall mix, the details in the production, the concept, the artwork, etc... I just knew I couldn't turn my back on such an amazing piece of work or my friends any longer. I knew I had to go back to my ODIN'S COURT family."
ODIN'S COURT recently finished "Deathanity", a concept album about the direction the human race is taking the planet. Tony Kakko (best known for his work with SONATA ARCTICA) was announced as a guest vocalist on the song "Crownet". Another guest vocalist will be announced this month.

ODIN'S COURT is currently shopping the new album to labels.

For audio samples, visit
www.myspace.com/odinscourt. (1-1)

Corporation 187 - Thrash / Metal - Link�ping, Sweden

CORPORATION 187: New Album To Be Mastered December 13th

Swedish thrashers CORPORATION 187 will master their third album, "Newcomers of Sin", on Thursday, December 13 at Tailor Maid Production in Stockholm by Peter In de Betou. The CD was recorded at the band's own studio in Link�ping. Song titles set to appear on the album include "Suffer as One", "Provoking the Prophet", "Newcomers of Sin", "Madhouse", "Cardiac (Arrest)", "Virus Nation", "I'm the New Messiah", "Teaching the Sick, Feeding the Dead" and "Question the Light". An early 2008 release via Anticulture Records is expected.

CORPORATION 187 was previously signed to Wicked World/Earache Records, which released 2002's "Perfection in Pain" and 2000's "Subliminal Fear". (12-12)


Corporation 187 - "Perfection In Pain"

Most news gathered from Blabbermouth.net and band websites.

Jaxx " in memory of" page
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More info and band photos on:

THE JAY PAGE! (updated 12-28-07)



Jaxx does not allow crowd surfing!!!!!!!

(an open letter from a fan)



  Arkhanoth - Dark Etherial and Mexican Ritual music, Black metal and Symphonic


Check them out!  Country: Mexico


Style: Ambient / Black Metal / Regional Mexican


Comment: Some very interesting and unique stuff here.  Great for a dark rainy evening!  "Sounds like: If you were in the middle of a full moon rainy night surrounded by pyramids, watching a sacrifice ritual and feeling the presence of the dead".  In September 2007, their latest album,  "Dark Prehispania", was released. A work based on the Aztec Mythos and their Magic.   How cool is that?  Lord Arkhanoth is the only member.



Aerosmith's Steve Tyler in a solo performance at the Department of Peace Conference held February 5th, 2007.  Joan Jett at the HFStival held at Merriweather Post Pavilion May 28th, 2006. 

Click pic for full size.

(Susan M Bardenhagen - Official Jaxx House Photographer) (Susan's Bio) (Pic Archive)

Jaxx Production & Backline Information

Jaxx Menu now Online

Tips for fans coming to Jaxx

  Jaxx does not allow crowd surfing!!!!!!!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason (per VA ABC Code)

Washington Post article on Jaxx Friday, November 9, 2001

Reviews of Shows at Jaxx!

Your trusted source for heavy music - wide selection - low prices - top service - free domestic shipping

JAXX is the hottest club in the Mid-Atlantic for quality live music, food and drinks, offering top flight, often legendary, national-caliber entertainment in an intimate wrap-around setting.  JAXX is a multi-faceted entertainment facility located in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.  Accessible seating is available.  Please contact Jay Nedry at 703-569-5940.

JAXX features national recording acts, ranging from legendary "Classic� Rock acts to up and coming "stars of tomorrow."  Artists such as Opeth, Nevermore, King Diamond, Pat Travers, Sonata Arctica, Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity and numerous others have given scintillating performances at the club in recent months.

JAXX also serves as a great showcase for the finest regional touring acts, as well as providing a first-class venue for developing local talent such as Inverted Trifixion, Bloodlines, Odin's Court, Division and Dead Syndicate. To find out about upcoming events, just click on the "Calendar of Events."  Check for Prices and Ages of shows (when info is available).

skull.gif (10135 bytes)

JAXX provides its customers and performers with a superb sound and lighting experience. It features one of the finest light and sound systems available. The combination of horseshoe-shaped bar area and lowered dance floor serves to provide unparalleled sight lines from anywhere in the club. To follow the link  to Sound and Light Show Specs, just click on the button "Sound/Light Specs."

skull.gif (10135 bytes)

JAXX is a great place to party and see a great show. It's easy to get to - just off Interstate 95 in Springfield,  VA. Just click on the "Directions" button for best ways to get to JAXX.

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JAXX is a great place to play. If you want more info click on "auditioning info."

Musicians lead complicated lives It's always best to confirm all shows!!

All shows are 21 and over unless otherwise listed.  Parking: available on site or on the street.

TICKETS:   JAXX tickets are available at TICKETMASTER (202) 432-SEAT.  Tickets are also available at the club on show days for any future event.  There is no service charge when tickets are paid for in cash at the club.  A $2 service charge per ticket will be added when using a credit card.  Call ahead for availability at 703 569 5940. A limited number of tickets are available for most Jaxx shows at Enter The Vault.

Jaxx accepts   &        On site ATM


Thanks for visiting our site and supporting live music in Northern Virginia.

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